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April 1, 2023

Tips and safety guidelines for traveling solo to Darjeeling

Are you planning your first solo trip to Darjeeling? Nothing can be more soothing and adventurous than traveling alone to this majestic hill station and exploring your inner peace. The serene Darjeeling is blessed with every bit of natural bliss from the snow-capped majestic range of mountains, emerald forest, unbridled mountain streams, and rivers to the unknown flora and fauna.

The mysterious charm of Darjeeling has attracted tourists from all over the globe over the years and with time this eternally favorite tourist spot is now gaining more attention among travel bloggers for its picturesque charm. No doubt, why do you want to travel solo to Darjeeling? But before packing your luggage and setting out alone on an exciting trip to the mysterious hills, you must brace up for your safety first and explore the thrill second.

Here we are listing some essential safety tips and guidelines for a fulfilling solo trip to Darjeeling:

Safe travels: Book your favorite mode of traveling be it train, bus, or flight in advance and get the coziest seat for a stress-free journey. Since you are traveling alone, make sure to book your seat safe from the suspicious co-passengers. Don’t be shy to alter your seats by coordinating with the ticket-checking executive in case you feel uncomfortable after boarding transport.

Advance hotel booking: Safe accommodation is of paramount importance whether you are traveling with family or alone. So, book your safe and comfortable staycation in a decent hotel with good reviews in Darjeeling. While checking through the list of best hotels, don’t forget to check the hotel ratings and reviews before confirming check-in. Always book your hotel room in advance, so you don’t have to tirelessly wander around for accommodations after landing in the city.

Looking for an upscale hotel with a mind-blowing mountain view? Book your comfort in advance at Anutri hill resort equipped with every amenity with a bonus stellar view of the Kanchenjunga on right and Batasia Loop to the left.

Learn the local language: We know it’s not so easy mastering an unknown language all of a sudden. But you can try learning some go-to native language from the internet and some mannerisms to make your Darjeeling trip a bit more comfortable. Talking to the locals in a manageable native language with a smiling face and in a polite way can relieve you from many unwanted and unpredictable situations.

Save hotel owner contact no: Especially when you are traveling solo, save the contact no of the hotel or stay owner on your phone so you can contact them instantly when needed during an emergency like route direction or other important queries.

Plan your trip accordingly: As you are traveling solo, plan your trip early so you can get back to the hotel safely early. Though evenings and nights are also worth exploring in Darjeeling to get a glimpse of the city’s nightlife, you can take an evening stroll nearby your hotel.

Carry ID documents: These are a must to have a soft copy of your IDs in your wallet to avoid undesirable hassles and ensure optimal safety and security of your solo trip.

Network connectivity and hygienic food: The first one is a priority for staying connected to your near ones and the latter is equally important to ensure a happy and healthy solo Darjeeling trip. Anutri hill resort provides you not only with the best view but also uninterrupted network connectivity so you are always connected to your nearby ones. The resort also has an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant to serve you delectable, healthy, and hygienic food.

All the best on your first solo trip to Darjeeling!!