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Popular foods you must try while visiting Darjeeling

Popular foods you must try while visiting Darjeeling

Have you already started packing bags for the next trip to Darjeeling? When in Darjeeling, there are lots more to it than just enjoying splendid visual treats. This one trip to Darjeeling is your lifetime opportunity to revitalize your six senses and stimulate your taste buds with super tasty local mountain cuisines. Darjeeling is one of the oldest colonial cities and has a wholesome plate of flavorsome cuisines to take over your senses with a seasoning of various cultural mixes.

So if you are a foodie and love experimenting and treating your taste buds with local cuisines, then Darjeeling is heaven for you.

And when we talk about food in the mountains, we don’t just mean a cuppa of steaming Maggie. So, here is our special Darjeeling menu for you to try this time.

MOMO: This mouthwatering treat that you love having in the plains has a completely different mountain twist when you order it from a local Darjeeling eatery. Momo is actually a Tibetan dish and Darjeeling being a native place to the Tibetans offers you the ultimate and heavenly tasty momo with authentic Tibetan touch.

Thukpa: Thukpa is another popular Darjeeling dish that is a must-try when in Darjeeling. Every upscale hotel and roadside eatery in Darjeeling offers this steamy noodle-in-meat soup. Thukpa also contains pieces of meat, and vegetables and is garnished with fresh and chopped spring onions and coriander. Trying authentic steaming Thukpa in Darjeeling offers a different level of satisfaction and instant happiness.

Gundruk: While indulging in lip-smacking dishes in Darjeeling, don’t let your nutritional intake compromise. Rich in iron and minerals, Gundruk is prepared with fermented green leaves such as mustard and spinach and is a must-try.

Aaloo Tama: Prepared with potato and bamboo shoots, aloo tama is a highly flavorsome dish cooked in oil and spices. Try this tasty dish when in Darjeeling and get your aloo tama from any roadside stall in the city.

Sel roti: Almost similar to a doughnut, sel roti is sweetened ring-shaped bread made of rice bread. This is a traditional dish and is mainly prepared during local festivities like Dashain and Tihar.

Sekuwa: Sekuwa is very similar to sheik kebab in which pieces of meat like lamb, pork, chicken, and so on are barbecued with tangy spices and aromatic herbs. The dish is served with chutney or roti.

Saphalay: This is a unique Tibetan cuisine made of bread stuffed with chicken or different kinds of meat. Every roadside food joint in Darjeeling serves this dish with chutney that enhances its taste to top-notch.

Churpee: It is strictly a Darjeeling-based cheese dish that you will not find anywhere. Try this unique Darjeeling dish for a unique experience.

Pickels: Popular pickles in Darjeeling are Dalle which are made of red-hot chili with a mix of mustard oil spices, salt, and red chili.

So try these unique dishes on your next trip to Darjeeling and book your comfortable stay at Anutri Hill Resort, an upscale resort located in Upper Batasia.