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March 13, 2023

Key points to consider before visiting Darjeeling

Got a Darjeeling trip on your card? You have chosen just the perfect time to visit this serene Himalayan hill station. But if this is your first trip to the city, then there are certain points to keep in mind to make your trip adventurous, fun-filled, and worth cherishing.

So before you pack your bag for the very first trip to visit Darjeeling, consider the following points to streamline your Darjeeling trip.

Research to plan your trip: This is the very first thing to do to plan your trip in the city and adjacent locations. Do the research and make notes of the places with the highest tourist attractions, offbeat places, local rules and regulations, climate, and especially about the places on your Darjeeling bucket list.

Track weather reports: The climate at hills is always unpredictable no matter what particular season it is. Whether you are planning to visit during the summers, winters, or monsoons, always keep a tab on the local weather report to ensure you have an amazing vacation in the hills. Generally, the summer temperature in Darjeeling ranges between 13-19 degrees C, whereas the winter temperature ranges between 5-7 degrees C, and even in some places the temperature drops down to minus. So stay tuned to the latest weather updates from your phone app.

Keep travel documents handy: No matter wherever you are traveling, carry your ID cards for a hassle-free vacation and stay safe from unwanted legal problems. Make hard copies of your travel documents and ID cards and keep them in your wallet to avoid inconveniences.

Go through the hotel ratings: Before visiting Darjeeling, research about the best hotels in Darjeeling with good ratings and reviews. Whether you are traveling solo or with family, a safer staycation makes your holiday comfortable and worry-free. Moreover, hotels with the best views are the cherry on top for visitors who want to enjoy every bit of the heavenly beauty of Darjeeling right from the first hour of the day. To make your hotel hunt easy and stress-free, we recommend booking your comfort stay at Anutri hill resort located in Upper Batasia. The serene property of the hotel is a bonus to offering you a 360-degree view of Batasia Loop on the right and Mt.Kanchenjunga on the left. You can book your room online in advance at a reasonable tariff.

Pack according to weather: Keep in mind the weather condition before packing your bags for visiting Darjeeling. Remember, the city is a hill station. So even if you are visiting in the summer, carry lighter warm clothes for a warm and cozy vacation in the city. As we have already mentioned the weather is pretty unpredictable, so make sure to carry your warm clothes and blanket without a miss.

Carry a medical kit handy: When traveling, carry a medical kit to avoid unwanted health consequences like vomiting, headaches, cough, and cold. A sudden change in the mountain temperature can be adverse to your health and can be serious.

These are some essential points to keep in mind while visiting Darjeeling. To make your Darjeeling vacation in every way enjoyable choose your staycation wisely in an upscale resort-like Anutri Hill Resort today.