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April 5, 2023

Best adventure activities you should try in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is an all-time evergreen attraction for adventure seekers as the haven to some gorgeous and thrilling mountain trails, mysterious jungles, wreckless mountain rivers, and trekking routes. While most tourists visit Darjeeling to enjoy the surreal beauty of nature, this colonial hill station has a lot of excitement to offer when it comes to boosting your adrenaline rush. So gear up for an action-packed adventure trip to Darjeeling, but, before that books your safe and comfortable stay to ensure having a great time in the surreal land of the red panda.

There are many adventure sports to try in Darjeeling and if you are an adventure seeker, make this trip to Darjeeling worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Paragliding: Flying like a bird and enjoying an aerial view of the sprawling emerald valley below, majestic mountain peak and gush of soothing breeze is itself a lifetime of experience. Watching such majestic views below while flying like a bird is becoming a popular adventure sport in Darjeeling that tourists are enjoying. Among the top paragliding spots in India like Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, and Maharashtra, Darjeeling is the newest addition to offer you a wholesome adventurous experience.

River Rafting: The foaming wreckless rivers in Darjeeling like Teesta, and Rangeet are getting extremely popular among tourists and you also must take the opportunity to get smeared in the cool water of the rivers. Both these rivers take different rapids and stretches and are ideal for both beginners and seasoned adventure lovers. The two best spots for river rafting in Darjeeling are Melli and Triveni. You can also enjoy the thrill of staying in the tent across the bank of Teesta but make sure to consult an experienced guide for river rafting and safe directions.

Trekking: Trekking is an all-time favorite adventure activity for thrill seekers and Darjeeling doesn’t disappoint to make you enjoy the best of some adventurous trekking spots. The famous Sandakphu trek is your ultimate escape to the mesmerizing unknown, exploring the mountain flora and fauna and if you are lucky can also spot red panda, leopard, and even bear. If this is your first time trekking in Darjeeling, don’t ignore the importance of consulting a guide to avoid unwanted hassle during the trip.

Kayaking: Don’t like rough water adventures? Try kayaking downstream from Singla and enjoy the serene sightseeing and natural vegetation near the river. Don’t forget to take proper safety measures while kayaking alone to enjoy your me time with nature.

Mountain biking: Bike riding through the rough terrains and valleys of Darjeeling is something to add to your adventure bucket list in Darjeeling. Your journey starts from Ghoom and this is a 58 km straight adventurous bike ride, and your last ride stops at Siliguri.

Jungle Safari: When in Darjeeling you cannot afford to miss the opportunity of witnessing the mysterious wildlife from a jeep. This is a one-time opportunity to get close to untamed nature, different flora and fauna like ferns, orchids, rhododendrons, leopards, elephants, bears, and extra glimpses of the unexpected.

Rock climbing: Rock climbing is one of the toughest challenges and is recommended only if you think you are fit enough to achieve the mark. 

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